The Bones of Fred McFee is written by Eve Bunting, beloved author of many, many books including the Caldecott winning "Smoky Night." These illustrations are scratchboard and watercolor.
Fred is plastic.

Our rooster used to crow all day, up in our sycamore tree. Now the rooster's gone and the hens won't lay, since we got Fred McFee.

Written by Eve Bunting

The Bones of Fred McFee got a star in Publishers Weekly. It was published by Harcourt in 2002. The hardcover is out of print, but the paperback goes on and on.

dog hiding behind pumpkin

His bones are white and he's long and lean, there in our sycamore tree.

His teeth are the biggest we've ever seen, grinning at Jessie and me.

large rooster
large skeleton teeth
skeleton hanging from tree
Kurt Cyrus
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Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

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