This book received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and School Library Journal. It was a Junior Library Guild selection. Harcourt, 2011.

"A primeval beach was a spine-tingling sight. She hid in the sand. She waited for night . . ."


"The hatchling who hid in the seaweed was gone. . . grown to a two-ton archelon."

"Deep in the dunes of a long-ago shore, the leathery shell of a turtle egg tore."

The Voyage of Turtle Rex is a companion book to Tadpole Rex. A shallow sea once covered the middle of North America, and in these waters swam enormous sea turtles named Archelon. This story follows the life cycle of one of those turtles. Publishers Weekly called it "a moving and truly epic journey."

baby turtle egg hatching in sand
large archelon turtle on shore
dinosaur stomping near shore
archelon turtle swimming

Written and Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

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Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's