Cowgirl Sue rounding up her cows.
tornado going through field.
Cowgirl Sue riding her horse.
Cowboy Gene sitting in his cabin.

I don't know what it is about the title "Sixteen Cows," but people love to say those words aloud. Over the years, this book has brought a moment of happiness to many a person who's never even opened the cover. But trust me, the inside is worth seeing, too.

Written by Lisa Wheeler

Sixteen Cows, a Junior Library Guild selection published by Harcourt in 2002. The hardcover is no longer available, but the paperback edition is still kicking. These illustrations are watercolor and colored pencil. Here's what Kirkus has to say.


... just after winter thaw, a wind blew down from Arkansas.

Cowgirl Sue was smart and true, hair of gold and eyes of blue.

Cowboy Gene was long and lean, hair of red and eyes of green.

Kurt Cyrus
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