Baby chick breaking out of it's egg.

Meet the pond. Greet the sun. Say Hello to everyone!


Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's
Mother goose looking over her egg.
Blue herons by lake.
Senic view of woodland pond.

This book riffs on the fact that birds actually "talk" to their unhatched chicks, exchanging information right through the eggshell. There's so much to be said. Like, for instance, what's the holdup?

Written and Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

"Hello in there! Are you aware how long we've all been waiting?"

All around you, life is brimming, swimming, slapping, honking, flapping.

Wings are whistling overhead. Up they rise! Off they fly! Soon you too will cross the sky.

Shake a Leg, Egg! received a starred review from Kirkus. It was an Oregon Book Award finalist.

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