Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's

Copyright Kurt Cyrus 1997 - 2022


Illustrated by Andy Atkins

Written by Kurt Cyrus

Woodpecker sitting on cactus.
Desert Field with birds, bees and butterflies flying all over.
Dove sitting on the cactus.
Lizard at the bottom of the cactus.

Who loves a cactus? The birds and the bees, that's who. Also the bat, the bobcat, the giant tortoise and the tiny ants. The magnificent art of Andy Atkins brings this desert landcape to life, showing the interdependence between plants and animals.

The nectar in the cactus bloom invites a population boom of butterflies and doves and bees. Go find another flower, please!

Peck-peck-peck! "Pardon me, I couldn't find a hollow tree. We need a place to build a nest. Of all the choices, you're the best."

All at once the pecking stops, and caution grips the cactus tops. Heads are bobbing all around. Hold the chatter! What's that sound?

A lizard eats an orange ant. "Happy birthday, big green plant."