Sign that reads Motordog the perfect pet.

"Flip the kid found Motor Dog by scrolling though a catalogue."

Motordog is the true-ish story of my dog Bella, who has often pulled my arm from its socket without the help of a rocket.

Motor Dog with his rocket on.

"'Then he lit his booster rocket. Flip's right shoulder left its socket."

Dog chasing cat down the street.

"He wasn't on a leash, it's true. But still he stuck to Flip like glue, their hearts connected with a string: the bond of love-a wondrous thing. (And some electrostatic cling.)"

Dog saving boy from falling.

Motordog is published by Disney-Hyperion Books, 2014. "An amusing fable for the techno-savvy and Luddites alike" says Kirkus. and Publishers Weekly says "An irreverent tribute to the bond between boy and (bionically enhanced) dog."

Illustrated by David Gordon

Written by Kurt Cyrus

Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's

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