Written by Lisa Wheeler

Mammoths on the Move was an ALA Notable Book and a Junior Library Guild selection. It received a Parents Choice Award, a Society of School Librarians Int'l Honor, and a starred review in Kirkus. These illustrations are scratchboard and watercolor. The hardcover was published by Harcourt in 2006 and is still marching along. No paperback edition yet.


Rivers ran across their path, but mammoths didn't mind a bath.

Fourteen thousand years ago, the north was mostly ice and snow. But woolly mammoths didn't care- these beasts had comfy coats of hair.

This is the third Lisa Wheeler book I illustrated. I like all three because they contain severe weather: a tornado (Sixteen Cows), an avalanche (Avalanche Annie) and in this book, an Ice Age blizzard.

large mammoth with tusks
mother and baby mammoths swimming
two mammoths in snow blizzard
two giant Mammoth in battle
Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's

Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

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