One teacher wrote; "My students loved the illustrations and noticing how Napoleon and Josephine blend into their surroundings. A relatable story for any child who has ever felt alone. We loved the idea, that there is someone out there for everyone."

"I declare," said Josephine. "Are you blending with me?"

"Look closely," said Josephine. "I'm in the whiffle blister bud."

Snap! Down he went. Branches whipped by in a blur.

It seemed that the laughter would never stop.

Napoleon, the spiffiest chameleon in the jungle, is a pretty happy guy. And why shouldn't he be? This companion book to Invisible Lizard gives readers another humorous reason to venture into the jungle.

Two chameleons sitting next tto each other with tail intwinded. Chameleon in flower patch. Branch breaking with chameleon going with it.
Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's

Copyright Kurt Cyrus 1997 - 2022


Illustrated by Andy Atkins

Written by Kurt Cyrus

Parot and lizard playing