When Enzo the dragon catches a cold, it's no mere sniffle. His wheezes and sneezes bring panic to farm and village alike. What's a poor fire-sneezing dragon to do?

There is a solution. But is it magical, or just good old common sense?

Mother and baby dragon in a mountain den.

His mother says, "Please, cover your sneeze. No one is eager to catch your disease."

Family and farm animals on the run.

"Enzo is coming!" the villagers shriek. "Run for the river! Jump in the creek! EEEK!"

Baby dragon sneezing into a court yard full of jesters.

Jesters and jokers arrive in a wagon with buckets of water to throw at the dragon.

Knights dressed in armor shielding themselves from dragon sneeze.


There's no getting through.

They cover their faces - what else can they do?

Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's

Copyright Kurt Cyrus 1997 - 2018

Written and Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus