Ice cream truck in the middle of the street.

"The truck picture book genre ratchets up a notch with the glorious depiction of, count 'em, 20 tantalizingly colored and deliciously varied trucks, jammed on the narrow, twisting streets of a city neighborhood." -Booklist

Crowd of people mulling around several trucks.

"An officer blows his whistle. Another waves her hands."

Large purple cement mixer truck.
Mailtruck followed by truck with carrying hay.

"Cement is mixed in truck14, and 15 carries gasoline."

"Watch out! Two trucks are in the way. They stop a third truck carrying hay."

Large crane truck in the middle of the street.

"So I stand in the street in the middle of the crowd and say it again and say it loud: Look! There! Can't you see? . . ."

20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street

Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

Written by Mark Lee

Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's

This book received a starred review from Kirkus, and made Amazon's list of the 20 Best Picture Books of 2013 (Ages 3-5). The Wall Street Journal offered: "This softly rhyming picture book presents children with a small but exciting dilemma that quickly involves- hurrah! -all sorts of trucks." --Candlewick 2013.

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